Letter from Ministry & Further information from VWS Management Team

Please find linked a letter from Rob Fleming, BC Minister of Education, which announces that all elementary and secondary schools in BC have suspended in-class instruction until further notice, under the direction of the Provincial Health Officer. The letter also indicates that it is expected that schools will implement a variety of measures to ensure continued learning for students while classroom lessons are suspended.

Minister Fleming Letter – COVID-19, March 17, 2020.pdf

In anticipation of such an announcement, a team of teachers at the VWS has been working diligently on a plan to deliver age-appropriate and pedagogically-suitable curriculum by email or via a digital platform. The wider community of Waldorf schools has been a tremendous resource for us in this regard as many schools in the US have been closed for several weeks and are now into the first days of working from a distance-learning model. We have already seen many examples of creative methods for maintaining the integrity of our unique Waldorf Education. We understand that using a digital platform may be uncomfortable and it is certainly something that our teachers will need time to adjust to. Please expect to receive more information about our plan for distance learning during the week of April 6th. For Preschool and Parent & Tot families, as well as those with children enrolled in the After School Care and School Bus programs, we will need some time to figure out how best to move forward. Again, please stay tuned for our subsequent related communications.

In response to the communication yesterday regarding teaching materials and supplies packages, we have received email from some parents and guardians who do not wish to pick up packages because they are practicing social-distancing or self-isolation. We honour and respect your decisions as they pertain to what is best for your family. All families, KG through Grade 12, can expect an email from their child’s teachers which outline details of what was prepared as school work for the remaining days of this week as well as a list of supplies that were sent home. Our teachers have put together beautifully creative packages, exemplary of the work they do in their classrooms every day. This week’s work, whether you see it in person or via the teacher’s email, is only the first example of the beauty they can continue to provide for our children until we can reconvene in the classrooms at the earliest possible date.

Regarding our expectations of you for the remainder of this week in terms of the school work provided by the teachers, please take comfort in the knowledge that we support you in making the best choices for your family. Your child may enjoy working on some of the assignments as a means of bringing normalcy to this extraordinary situation; however, please assure your child that there is no expectation that work will be submitted for assessment. Please do note, however, that if your child has outstanding assignments that were due on, or before, March 13th, your child’s teacher will likely be in touch with you to discuss next steps.

We will continue to keep you updated as the situation unfolds and will update our website with any resources that may be helpful to you. Your feedback is important to us and we welcome your comments and questions. Please direct your emails to principal@vws.ca.

Thank you again for your ongoing support and partnership as we move through these trying times together.
VWS Management Team