Unwanted Head Riders – It’s Lice and Nit Season!

The Coastal Health Authority assisted us with policies, information and guidelines to achieve lice free classrooms. We would love to see this year be a lice-free year at school! Please see the Coastal Health guidelines and suggestions here. Daily vigilance in looking for lice and nits in your children’s hair pays off. If you find nits or lice please inform Ronaye in Reception who will then let the classes know. Please keep your children home from school and treat accordingly until they are nit and lice and free. Likewise, if we notice lice or nits in your children’s hair, we’ll phone you.

Teachers will take great care in the classroom to prevent hat and comb sharing. There is a lot of information on YouTube about how to see and deal with nits and lice. As well, Manda Aufochs Gillespie, former VWS parent, has an article you might find useful.

Thank you for doing your part!