The "No-Maybe-Yes" Years: Preparing for Parenting Tweens and Teens with Kim John Payne

Friday, January 19 at 7:00 pm
Cardinal Hall, North Vancouver
$10/person in advance or $15 at the door
Door Prizes

This presentation is designed to help parents of tweens and teenagers, and to help prepare parents of younger children for the years ahead. It will highlight issues affecting young people between the ages of 8 and 18, and offer workable strategies for navigating what can be one of the most difficult periods for parents, teachers, and teenagers alike.

Topics to include:

  • Navigating the squalls– The phases of adolescence and how these may be expressed and anticipated.
  • Venus & Mars– The similarities and the differing needs of boys and girls.
  • Coming of Age– Rethinking how to help the 12 to 14 year old child prepare for a changing world.
  • Threshold Issues– An overview of addictive tendencies and how to meet them in creative ways.
  • “But they are my friends!”– The peer group and defining the roles played within it. How the can adult work with the peer group and not against it?

About the Speaker:

Kim John Payne, M.ED, is the author of the #1 Best Selling book, Simplicity Parenting, and The Soul of Discipline. A consultant and trainer to over 250 North American independent and public schools, Kim has been a school counselor, adult educator, consultant, researcher, educator and a private family counselor for over thirty years. Together with the team at The Center for Social Sustainability, he trains and certifies Parent Guidance Coaches and regularly gives keynote addresses at international conferences for educators, parents, and therapists and runs workshops and trainings around the world. In each role, he has been helping children, adolescents and families explore issues such as social difficulties with siblings and classmates, attention and behavioral issues at home and school, emotional issues such as defiance, aggression, addiction and self-esteem and the vital role living a balanced and simple life.

As a parent I think I was prepared for the teenage years but no one told me much about the ups and downs of parenting a tween and how this would have implications on the teen years. This talk was helpful, humorous and left me feeling much more confident to prepare for the years ahead. ~ Suzanna Holt, Parent

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