One Small Thing

A new monthly piece where we share something small we’ve undertaken in support of ecological renewal

Carrying forward work initiated at the High School to bring awareness to municipal waste management systems, the Grade School has now committed to:

  • reduce our daily use of large plastic garbage bags
  • to build on our existing composting system to include all food waste and paper towels
  • collect returnable containers

Last year, when our High School students were first inspired to join the “Fridays for Future” movement, our High School faculty saw a real opportunity to bring into focus the global mobilization around the cause of climate action by creating a dynamic recycling system on a local level. In some ways, the system requires more work as it highlights how complex recycling, composting, and landfill systems truly are. The beauty of this complexity is that the commitment has initiated an ongoing dialogue about waste management that allows for individual ownership over purchasing and consumption decisions. Stay tuned for more about how the commitments at the Grade School have created a real opportunity to affect positive changes in incremental steps.