Health & Safety

Our students’ safety is as important to us as their education. We take great care in ensuring that our playgrounds are sound and safe, and all our equipment is carefully maintained and adequately supervised. Our main area of concern regarding safety is our parking area. Please read our parking guidelines carefully and commit to abiding to our parking rules. These are in place to protect all children from potential harm.

Parking Guidelines

In general we support that whenever possible students walk or bike to school. Even those that are brought by car can be dropped off several blocks from the school and walk the rest of the way. This can greatly enhance the educational experience for your child. If you do need to drive to the school, please read carefully and make a commitment to our students’ safety by pledging to abide by these guidelines.

Drop off and pick-up at Grade School

There are two areas where you may safely stop to drop-off and pick-up your children: along the widened access road in front of the Grade School and in the designated lane on St. Christophers
Road bordering school property. If you are picking-up or dropping-off, please use these lanes only. We thank you for not parking in the fire lane or drop-off lane.

Early Childhood and Grade One parents who need to accompany their children to class are asked to park on the streets neighbouring the school and walk their children to class.

Note: The access road alongside the school is also a fire access lane. Unattended cars blocking the marked fire access spots may be towed, by regulation of the Fire Department.

  • Do not use the driveway portion of the access road for drop-off and pick-up.
  • Do not leave your car unattended at any time while in the drop-off/fire access lanes.
  • Observe the No Parking signs in the drop-off lane as this is an emergency vehicle lane.
  • Exercise EXTREME CAUTION at all times in the parking area as children may cross at any time.
  • Do not park behind the garbage container. Parked cars in this area block the flow of traffic. In addition, a car blocking access to the bin will result in uncollected garbage.
  • Do not park in front of the entrance to the play field between the No Parking signs. This is a FIRE TRUCK ACCESS LANE.
  • Please encourage your children to use the stairs at the cedar tree and use the marked crosswalk to enter and exit the school. Support us in discouraging the walking in and out the driveway entrances and of course from walking through the landscaped rockery planting.
  • We are much indebted to our neighbours for their patience with the extraordinary volume of traffic created by our school. Please respect their boundaries.