Pedagogical Manager

Position Description:

The Vancouver Waldorf School is seeking an experienced Waldorf teacher with enthusiasm, skill and proven administrative leadership capabilities to take up a senior management role in the school. The mandate of this role is to provide a broad vision and practical leadership for the schools’ next development steps. The Pedagogical Manager serves the school and all the members of its community by working collaboratively and by taking initiative to address the following responsibilities:

  • Faculty and Student Support
  • Curriculum Review and Development
  • Parent Support related to Pedagogical Matters
  • Support for the School Principal
  • Human Resources
  • Grade School Hiring
  • Policy and Procedure Development and Implementation
  • Mediation and Problem Solving
  • Long and short-term planning in conjunction with other governing bodies in the school

The Pedagogical Manager is accountable to the Board of Trustees of the Vancouver Waldorf School Society to fulfill responsibilities and exercise authority on behalf of the College of Teachers. The Pedagogical Manager creates, enacts and continuously improves policies, processes and plans within a scope of authority to address quality of curriculum delivery and educational excellence for students, staff, parents and community.

Required Skills and Experience:

  • Significant number of years of successful Waldorf teaching experience
  • Deep understanding of and connection to Waldorf Education and Anthroposophy
  • Strong interpersonal skills and love of working with children, their parents, teachers and administrative staff.
  • Knowledge of and connections with the wider Waldorf and Anthroposophical institutions and governing bodies
  • Commitment to striving for the well-being of the Vancouver Waldorf School
  • Exemplary use of the oral and written word.

This job description is designed and intended to summarize essential duties and qualities. A further detailed job description will be included in the interviewing process.

Salary range for this full-time position is $50,000 to $80,000 per annum depending upon experience and qualifications. Employee benefits include tuition as a taxable benefit, extended health benefits, life insurance, and short and long term disability. Canadian citizens and permanent residents may qualify for our relocation financial support program up to a maximum of $5,000. We also have an Employee Referral Incentive Program for qualified open positions.

To apply for this position, please forward your one-page cover letter and resume, as well as three references, to hrc @