Reflections on the 48th Children’s Christmas Fair

Since the Children’s Christmas Fair wrapped-up for another year on Saturday evening, I have been reflecting upon the many moments over the past few months that once again brought the Fair to its gorgeous fruition. From setting a positive intention for the Fair with Laura Bergstrome in the summer, to early conversations with Class Reps about coordinating activities, to parents stopping by our offices to ask how they could help, to volunteer shifts being filled with ease, to honest conversations about the challenges the Fair presents, to problem-solving those challenges together, to beautifully decorated cookies arriving at the school, to parents happily driving all over town to pick-up donated goods, to set-up teams lugging bins up from the basement with smiles on their faces, to welcoming vendors to the Marketplace, and to walking through the corridors early on Saturday morning admiring the Fair in a quiet moment and finally soaking up the excitement of co-creating something magical for our community. We were incredibly fortunate that the heavy rains held off until Monday and even though there was rain midway through the Fair, spirits remained high because everyone stayed positive and focused on the beauty.

We could not have done it without the time, energy, creativity and love each and every one of you directed toward the Fair. Your can-do approach, commitment, and light-hearted spirit were the key to bringing the Fair to life with grace. Thank you! I want to make specific mention of how particularly fantastic the high school students were during set-up. Every student worked diligently, collaboratively and with care for the entire two hours and beyond. Two ex-students who returned to volunteer, shone as examples of leadership and dedication – Harrison Johnston and Johannes Williams, thank you for your obvious care for our school community.  As set-up progressed to opening our doors for the Night Market, the lovely smell of mulled wine began permeating the school and created a warm and inviting ambiance that was carried by our Grade 11 and 12 students from behind their beautifully presented fundraising tables. Thank you! To Mrs Debelle and the Grade 1 students, thank you for the excellent thank you cards you’ve worked hard on throughout November. What a treat it has been to receive deliveries of the sweetest artwork to my office from tiny students over the past month. To Mrs Mortin and students in Grade 3, thank you for baking the warm bread whose sweet aroma filled the halls all through the morning, then nourished the many volunteers as set up commenced. To Ms Chrimes and the Grade 4 students, thank you for donating your most extraordinary handmade quilt. It is truly a work of art! To the Grade 7 and 8 students who volunteered during set-up, at the Cookie House and Younger Children’s Crafts all day, and during take-down, thank you! You were the most perfect fairies, elves, and helpers. To the Class Reps, your long hours did not go unnoticed. Thank you for showing up so brilliantly and ensuring that our children and our guests experienced a smooth Fair. To our alumni, alumni parents and grandparents, thank you for dropping in to the Night Market and the Open House to say hello and reminisce, thank you for baking cookies for the Cookie House and donating goodies to Strings Cafe and Specialty Foods, and thank you for offering your calm and gentle presence to the Fair. Finally, thank you to all of our dear colleagues for carrying the Fair, for knowing just what to do, for graciously giving up your classrooms, for offering activities and quiet spaces, and for helping out in so many ways. Your spiritual holding and participation through the years have built the solid base from which the Fair emerges every year. Last but certainly not least, my heartfelt thank you to Laura and to Walter Daroshin for your patient, kind and ever-present guidance.

As we move into the cooler temperatures and busier rhythm of December, I wish you and your families joy and peace.

See you soon,
Mary Henley
Christmas Fair Co-Chair

Thank you to Brendon Purdy, Stephanie Norris, and Mary Henley for sharing the photos you took.
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The regularity with which the Sun moves through the seasons, the regularity manifested in the growth of plants and in the life of animals, this regularity was once chaos. Harmony has been attained at the cost of great travail. Humanity stands today within the same kind of chaos, but out of the chaos, there will arise a harmony modelled in the likeness of the harmony in the universe. Peace to those who are of goodwill.
~ Rudolf Steiner, from Festivals and Their Meanings, Christmas 1923