Service Work & Year End Trip

Unique to the class of 2017, is that these students have decided to do their service work locally rather than abroad. Students will be working with Watari Counselling & Support Services in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside to help “facilitate positive change in our community”. Please visit their website to learn more about Watari and the many services they offer to those facing change, addiction, a crisis situation, homelessness, hunger or anything urban living might throw their way.

Prior to this important and likely life-altering experience, the class will be travelling to Kona to catch their breath for a week after a very full and intensive year leading up to their graduation, which will be celebrated on June 11.

Please help support our students and place an order for a beautiful patio planter, flower basket or strawberry basket. I have been ordering baskets for years now and have never been disappointed in the quality or longevity of these colourful and fruitful baskets. Click here to place your order by Thursday April 27. All proceeds will contribute to the costs of this service program and the year end trip.

We wish our grads much success in life and trust that these contrasting experiences will help set them on their way as capable young adults, ready to face the world!