Social Action Committee

As part of Vancouver Waldorf School’s commitment to bringing the Social Inclusion work of Kim John Payne to our school, the student Social Action Committee (SAC) has been formed.  This is a group of thirteen Grade Eight Students who are volunteering their lunch recess each Thursday in order to learn about, practice, and build skills in social awareness.  This week, the SAC had their debut at the Grade School Assembly by bringing the theme of becoming aware of “put-downs”.  We are asking each class to become aware of when put-downs happen and to practice turning them around or, better yet, avoiding them all together.  We hope that everyone can join in with this challenge to put the put-downs to an end!

Here are some things members of the SAC are saying about this very important work:

The SAC is a team of people helping out with social life because at times everybody encounters challenges. I think this is very smart of the school to make a community for every child to feel safe.”  -Sanoe

I wanted to be part of the Social Action Committee because I love helping people, especially children.  I like feeling that I am part of something bigger than myself, and the SAC makes me feel that way.” -Navé

I want to spend time, help, and connect with the younger children.” -Melika

I want to be part of the Social Action Committee because I love helping and connecting, and the SAC gives me this opportunity.  Bringing smiles to children’s faces will also bring a smile to mine.”  -Jenny

The SAC provides a safe environment for children to talk about anything that may be bothering them and to understand what to do.  SAC has shown me that I can make a change, and it has taught me how to do it.”  -Erika

You can look forward to hearing more from the SAC in the New Year!

-Ms Loughran, SAC Coordinator