Spud Fundraising

A huge thanks to SPUD for gifting us delicious organic golden apples this week! They were a very welcome surprise as the students came out of school on Tuesday. There are also flyers near the Grade School noticeboard offering a discount at SPUD.ca for anyone who is interested in collecting one.

SPUD Fundraising is offering the school the best returns which means it’s our fastest route to initiatives like a new playground. The more people who can purchase this delicious organic produce (and local if you prefer), the faster our funds will add up. This first week we had 9 families order boxes and this amounted to $120 into our fundraising account – imagine if all families got a box!

Place your orders by Saturday of each week at www.spudfundraising.com/school/vancouver-waldorf-school.

The boxes will be delivered by noon the following Tuesday.

I ordered my first SPUD produce through the VWS page this week and the quality is amazing. They also offer a 100% money back guarantee if there was ever a problem.

VWS-Spud Fundraising-fruit-box

Rachel Garratt

VWS Gift Card Program Coordinator (Volunteer)
Cell: 778.772.3601
Email: vwsgiftcard@vws.ca
Web: www.vws.ca/giving/spud-fundraising