Summer Message from the College of Teachers

We trust that your summer is off to a good start. If you missed the message sent last week, reports have been posted to your Parent Portal and are available to download. While you are logged in, please take a moment to update your password by clicking the My Account tab, then clicking Change Password to make an update. We recommend that you change your password periodically. Please contact the school if you need assistance to login.

A number of the Teaching Faculty and Administration are sadly leaving us this year, so the College of Teachers would like to acknowledge their departures.

Rachael Perry:

Our beloved Grade School French teacher is leaving after 2 years with us. Rachael loves the school and all the children but doesn’t love the commute from Pitt Meadows every day! It has finally become too much on a daily basis so now she is going to be working in a school practically next door to where she lives! We will all miss her humour, organizational skills and dedication to the school immensely and we wish her bon voyage on the next step of her life’s journey. Come and visit us anytime, Rachael. Bon voyage et merci beaucoup.

In her own words: It has been my great honour to teach grades one to eight for the last two years. I’ve truly loved seeing all of the students respond to any activity I brought with enthusiasm and joy. They are bright, creative and deeply caring children, and I will miss them all so much. The festivals and events that have touched my heart are too many to name, and I’ve never worked at a more welcoming or supportive school. I’ve been overwhelmed with the lovely feedback and good wishes from parents and the community over the past few weeks.
Merci à tous et à la prochaine,
Rachael Perry

Karen Broom:

Karen has been the face for the Admissions Office for the last few years and was previously a Class Teacher, French Teacher and in other roles. I can attest to her hard work in the office as we are on opposite sides of the corridor! Admissions is a very rewarding position, and on occasions a frustrating one, but Karen has given her all to the position and kept the enrollment at a stable level through all the ups and downs a school goes through. Karen has her home base on the Sunshine Coast and has finally decided to stay put instead of driving up and down the coast on a weekly basis. Thanks for all your hard work, Karen, and you will be sorely missed.

In her own words: It is with a full heart that I say a fond farewell to the wonderful VWS community as I move back to our family home in Gibsons. It is my honour and pleasure to have served these past seven years. As a fellow parent, I am grateful and proud to have shared the journey through the upper grades and high school years with my two remarkable Waldorf-educated daughters. Professionally, I feel incredibly blessed to have worked with almost a full grade school cycle of students and parents, stellar faculty and administrative colleagues, and new families. It hasn’t always been easy, but it has without a doubt been well worth it. After all, we are part of a movement towards societal shift, swimming together upstream. Thank you for all the memorable moments, quality interactions, loving support, and rich learning. I wish you all continued fortitude and inspiration. Stay the course, appreciate one another, and celebrate often. I look forward to visiting.
Warmly, Karen (a.k.a. Madame Broom)

Dennis Scott:

Dennis began his work in the Vancouver Waldorf School taking on a Grade Eight class needing a teacher to complete their Grade School cycle. However, Dennis had his heart set on becoming a High School teacher. When the opportunity arose to take on the role of Humanities teacher in the High School Dennis applied for the position and was hired. He successfully taught many, many students for a total of 12 years and was highly thought of by the Faculty, the parents and students alike.

It was a sad day when Dennis told us he wanted to scale back his teaching in the last year and now he will explore other avenues in his life. Who can say where that will lead him but he has confided to me he wants to keep his Lynn Valley accommodation as his primary place of residence so if you see him in your local shopping mall do say hello. Thanks so much, Dennis, for all you have done for so many in so many ways and good luck.

Jason Yates:

When Sonia Plewa left us a year ago it was very hard to find a replacement eurythmy teacher. Luckily, Jason gave up his one day off a week and joined the High School on Thursdays. It was not a full Eurythmy program but it has sufficed for one year so many thanks, Jason. Jason will now focus on Therapeutic Eurythmy and there will be more news later on the program for next year in the High School. We look forward to having Jason here in his different role starting in September.

Malcolm Nash:

In my own words: I came to the school from England in 1990 to take a class through to Grade 8. Then I picked up other classes for a couple of years before becoming Interim Administrator for 2 years. On leaving I started my own tutoring business on the North Shore teaching students from Grades One to Twelve. Then in 2015, I got a call from the school asking if I was interested in applying for the Pedagogical Manager position and obviously I got the job! It has been a learning curve in many ways but I like to think I grew into the role and I have enjoyed my time in my comfy office. I came to the point in my life where I no longer wanted to work a 40 hour week so that is why I am retiring from the position. Age creeps up on us all! A new person is being sought for the position but I did say I’ll hang in there until this happens so I can make a transition and so the office does not become empty. The plan is to leave in mid-August, all thing being equal.

I shall miss all my co-workers in the Faculty and Administration, all the parents and perhaps I’ll miss the students the most as they have kept me young in my dotage. Thanks to you all for your support over the 4 years in so many ways.

Lastly, a big thank you to all of you parents here in the school for entrusting us with your precious children who we are happy to see every day and perhaps especially to those parents who have had more ups and downs than others… you know who you are! Without your trust and support, we would not be here, so a big THANK YOU from us all who work in the school.

With best wishes for a very happy and fun-packed summer.

Malcolm Nash
For the College of Teachers
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