Finding Lightness in the Dark

VWS Winter Wonder Chalk Drawing by Christina Price

Finding Lightness in the Dark During the autumn term, our children transitioned from the long, care free days of summer to the order and and structure of fall. Some adapted to beginning schooling for the first time, while others have returned for another year; their bedtimes are earlier, and perhaps they are learning to balance homework with extra-curricular activities; they

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The Advent Festival

The Advent Festival One of the most important aspects of a Waldorf education is the celebration of festivals. In our modern, urban lives, it becomes perhaps even more important to highlight nature’s key transitional points as ways of reminding us that, in spite of how it may seem, we are not separate from nature. In addition to helping to keep

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Vancouver Waldorf School | Candlemas

Candlemas On February 2, many people in the northern hemisphere celebrate the festival of Candlemas. In ancient times, Candlemas marked the end of the Christmas season when the tree was taken down and burned in a bonfire to hareld in longer days. In Ireland, the Celtic goddess Brigit was honoured during this traditional Gaelic festival to mark the beginning of spring. In

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Vancouver Waldorf School | Christmas Tide | Festivals

Christmastide At the Winter Solstice, on Christmastide, the Earth breathes in. The seed babies are deep underground and the animals, in their shaggy coats, are warm in their barns or dens. We draw the stars into our homes by lighting candles and placing lights on our trees. Our outdoor activities are reduced dramatically. And we become more contemplative as we

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Santa Lucia

Vancouver Waldorf School | Santa Lucia

Santa Lucia Santa Lucia, Thy light is glowing All through the darkest night, comfort bestowing Dreams float on wings of night, Comes then the morning light Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia Through silent winter gloom, Thy song comes winging to Waken the Earth anew, Glad carols bringing, Come thou, oh queen of Night, Wearing thy crown so bright, Santa Lucia, Santa

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Saint Nicholas Day

Saint Nicholas Day Saint Nicholas, the patron saint of children, is celebrated on December 6th during the season of Advent. On the eve of St Nicholas, children may leave out a freshly polished shoe, with a small snack for St Nicholas and his horse. In return, the simple gesture of a small gift will be left, perhaps a crystal or

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The Advent Spiral

Vancouver Waldorf School | Gnome Garden | Advent

The Advent Spiral The Advent Spiral is a tradition for children in the younger grades at the Vancouver Waldorf School. The room will be darkened and filled with a mood of wonder and quiet anticipation. Cedar boughs are laid out to create a spiral with a lit candle in the centre. Interspersed along the edges of the spiral path are golden

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Vancouver Waldorf School | Martinmas Festival

Martinmas Each November we have a Lantern Walk to celebrate Martinmas, a festival of inner light in the outer darkness of the approaching winter. Celebrating Martinmas at Vancouver Waldorf School serves as a reminder that each of us has a divine spark that we must ferry out into the world and share with others. The children hear the story of

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Rose Ceremony

Vancouver Waldorf School | Rose Ceremony

Rose Ceremony Each year in the fall, in a formal assembly, we warmly welcome new students to the Vancouver Waldorf School with the time honoured tradition of the Rose Ceremony. Entering into Grade One as a child is a big step. Most children have spent some time in Kindergarten and after this wonderful period are striving to move on, to

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St John’s Tide

Vancouver Waldorf School | St John's Tide | Midsummer | Festival

St John’s Tide St. John’s Tide marks the Midsummer Festival or Summer Solstice.  It is the turning point of the year – the longest day and shortest night in the Northern Hemisphere. It is the mirror opposite of Christmas, or Winter Solstice. At the Summer Solstice, or St. John’s Tide, the Earth is breathing out to her fullest. We may be drawn to

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May Festival

Vancouver Waldorf School HOME SLIDE Kinder Smiles

May Festival Our May Festival is a joyous celebration filled with song, dance, and merriment celebrating the lengthening of days, the awakening of the new growing season, and the rebirth of our external natural environment. The children enjoy the tradition of dancing around the Maypole which is decorated with flowers and coloured ribbons. All of the students sing traditional spring

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