Trauma Informed Practice (TIP)

In essence, TIP is beneficial to those who have experienced traumatic events, adverse childhood experiences, or excessive ongoing stressors. In schools, it allows for learning to occur by addressing the needs that may impact the capacity of a student to learn. We can reasonably assume that all children are likely to have experienced some degree of trauma due to the ongoing stressors of the pandemic. Each student will respond and react differently, depending upon a number of things, including family circumstances, previous experiences, and personality. This being the reality, educators and administrators can support students by using tools and techniques that:

  • provide inclusive and compassionate learning environments
  • model and practice coping strategies
  • help to minimize additional stress or trauma by addressing individual student needs

The beauty of a TIP at school is that it holds that central to a student’s wellbeing is healthy relationships with trusted adults, loving and responsive communication, and being seen. The practice is immediately supportive and can shift a student’s brain from survival to learning.

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