Uriel Pharmacy at the Red Door Store

Dear Community,

I am looking into bringing in an order of Anthroposophic Homeopathic remedies from Uriel Pharmacy in Wisconsin. The Red Door Store has stocked these items in previous years but I knew very little about the farm and company back then. Now that I’ve had time to experience some of their remedies first hand I feel like I can really get behind it. You can read their story here: www.urielpharmacy.com/the-uriel-story and peruse their extensive product list as well. I will plan to stock just a few of their starter kits and will otherwise just bring in your special orders. Please be in touch sooner than later if there are items you wish to order and I will aim to get these before Christmas. Note that prices on the website are in US dollars and will be converted to the current Canadian rate. Your payments may be made when you pick your order up from the Red Door Store.

Ella Pedersen
Red Door Store