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VWS Alumni Corner Interview with Maryanne Matthias, Class 1998

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VWS: Tell me about your work and education after graduating from the VWS.

MM: I attended Kwantlen Polytechnic University where I received a degree in Fashion Design and Technology. I moved to Montreal in 2003 right after graduating to pursue a career as a self-employed fashion designer. It was wonderful while it lasted, to be poor and free and working it all out, but I wanted to travel while I was still young so in 2006 I decided to travel the world. Inspired by the prints and textile treatments in many developing countries I ended up designing collections to sell in Canada to fund my trip. I designed collections in Ghana, Morocco, Egypt and India. They were successful and it was thrilling to make money while travelling. I returned to Vancouver in 2008 and applied to graduate school. During that time there was ten year VWS High School reunion, which is where I was reunited with Molly Keogh, a VWS Waldorf graduate from Eugene, Oregon. Together, in the beginning of 2009, we founded Osei-Duro Clothing, a fashion design company that manufactures in Ghana using women’s sewing cooperatives for its production. We sell to fashion-forward boutiques in North America, to women who care about ethically made clothing but who do not want to substitute style.

VWS: What kind of work/study are you involved in now?

MM: I am attending the University of British Columbia for an MBA in Sustainability and Strategic Management.

VWS: What do you enjoy most about your work?

MM: Freedom, creativity, the thrill of new press and international interest. World travel, making a difference. Cruising Accra (the capital of Ghana) in a tro-tro listening to hip-life music and inhaling exhaust and sweating.

VWS: What do you think are your greatest successes in life?

MM: Having such great friends and family. Does that count as a success?

VWS: How did Waldorf education affect your life, and your choice of career?

MM: Waldorf made me more creative and able to think “outside the box” but I find myself always trying to maintain the status quo with the mainstream. In a way, I think it made me constantly battle between creativity and conformity, which I suppose is why I am getting my MBA now….

VWS: What are your fondest memories of your time at the VWS?

MM: The Stein Valley hiking trips, Elaine Mackee’s Art and Art History classes. Class plays.

Interview by Michelle Gibson, for Development April 2010 

For more information on Osei-Duro please go to www.oseiduro.com

Editor’s Note November 5th, 2013 Maryanne has received numerous awards for her work. Kwantlan College has awarded Maryanne Distinguished Alumni Award for her achievements. She graduated from UBC with her MBA in Sustainability and Strategic Management.

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