VWS Gift Card Program Update

With the holidays soon upon us, gift card orders for January are due this Monday, Dec 12. Thanks to all those who have supported the program to date. Your help in spreading the word to others would also be much appreciated.

Congratulations to Steven Sakai & Tatjana Jansen, the December winners of the free $50 gift card!

With less than 20% of our school families participating in the program to date, we have still managed to raise just over $1,400 in our first three months of the year. It would be so amazing to double or triple that number so please consider slight changes in your habits to get involved in supporting the school.

Unfortunately there is still no word from Whole Foods about their monthly program start date but I will continue to follow up and will let everyone know as soon as they are ready to roll.

I will be overseas until the end of January. Red Rose Kindergarten parent, Mu (Chris) Wang has kindly stepped in to ensure your orders are taken care of during my absence.

I wish you all a happy and rejuvenating holiday!

Rachel Garratt
Gift Card Coordinator (Volunteer)
Email: vwsgiftcard@vws.ca
Web: Gift Card Program