VWS Gift Card Program Update

Gift Cards

Fundraising Tree 2016-04-26
Congratulations to Marie Marriott, the winner of the last $50 gift card for this school year!

A big thanks to all of you who have shown your support for the gift card program in its inaugural year. Thanks to you we’ve raised just shy of $5400 through gift cards and another $880 so far from SPUD. As I’ve said, this will all be transferred to the Parent Council to go towards initiatives in the school.

See the beautifully green fundraising tree above and my greatest hope is that next year it will also be filled with apples.

Gift card ordering will be on holidays until September but SPUD.ca will continue to support our fundraising efforts over the summer, so please consider checking them out. Details below!

SPUD Fundraising

Did you know you can create a recurring order through SPUD? You can set up individual items to be delivered to you weekly, every two weeks or once a month! Every time you order an organic produce box from the SPUD Fundraising area on SPUD.ca, our school gets 25%!

Check out the image below for details.


As always, if you have any questions, please check the Gift Card Program webpage or contact me via the details below.

Rachel Garratt
VWS Gift Card Program Coordinator (volunteer)
Cell: 778.772.3601
Email: vwsgiftcard@vws.ca
Web: Gift Card Program