Message from VWS Board of Trustees

Dear Parents,

Since September, our Board of Trustees has continued the work we began last year to formalize our processes and decide upon how we will best work together in service to our community.

You may recall reading that we undertook two separate trainings last year. The first, in February, was delivered by a local training organization for non-profits and was titled “Board Fundamentals”. This primer for boards gave us all the chance to look at best practices and discuss what would work best in the context of the VWS. In June, we spent a day with an educator from AWSNA who guided us through a series of activities that specifically looked at the unique governance structure of Waldorf schools.

As we moved into this school year and welcomed three new trustees to the Board at the AGM in October, our need to bring clarity to our role and maximize our capacity as a leadership body came even more clearly into focus. Thankfully, the work that the whole school community has been engaged with in support of the Self-Study will inform our work as a Board, as that work required honest conversations about our challenges and opportunities.

The Self-Study is essentially an 18-month process of review that will give our whole community a true sense of where we are currently and what we need to focus on to fully live into our vision, mission and values. Our Self-Study Steering Committee will present a draft of the report at the Community Forum on April 24th, which will be a chance for us all to celebrate the work that’s been completed and to learn about the final steps of this Self-Study journey.

Other items that have been on the agenda through the past six months include: supporting the work of the Strategic Planning and Visioning Committee, specifically around governance and decision-making; the School Expansion Group, as it continues to look at options for the school’s physical improvement and growth; collaborating with the Development Office on fundraising; overseeing the budget and financial planning for the coming year; and most importantly, ensuring that we are working in support of the College of Teachers and all faculty as they continue to dedicate hours of time to fulfilling additional requirements associated with the Ministry of Education inspection visit to our school in November.

Please feel welcome to be in touch with either of us if you would like to learn more about any of the things we have touched upon here or to bring forward any of your ideas, suggestions or questions. We are accountable to you and thank you all for being a part of this vibrant community.

Eric Doherty and Chloe Gow-Jarrett, Board Co-Chairs