Message from VWS Board of Trustees

Dear Parents,

We had our regularly scheduled Board of Trustees meeting on the evening of Wednesday, December 13. Although we managed to fill the full two hours, most of it was administrative business that would likely not be interesting to you readers. So this will be a short update.

The most significant item of business was acknowledging the appointment of our Grade 4 Class teacher, Andrea McKenzie, to the Board, to replace Lorna Fortin as the Faculty–appointed Board member. Lorna is no longer properly considered a member of the Teaching faculty now that she has been appointed as principal on a full time basis. Lorna will continue to act as a Trustee, however, as the Board appointed her as one of the Board appointed members (the Board of Trustees is entitled to appoint two persons to the Board). We would like to welcome Andrea to the Board.

In addition to the appointment of Andrea, the Board approved participating in a training program offered by a consulting firm specializing in non-profits. We are transitioning from a working board to a board more focused on governance and strategic matters, and we believe training will assist us in defining our respective roles and responsibilities, enhancing our efficiency and ensuring all of the talents represented on the Board are utilized to the fullest extent possible. We feel we are entering into a growth phase, and it is important we as a Board are prepared to do as much as we can to help the VWS continue to grow and succeed.

This will be the last update of 2017. Happy holidays from your Board of Trustees!

Walter Daroshin
Eric Doherty, VWSS Board Chair
Rebeka Eriksson
Phil Fertey
Lorna Fortin
Chloe Gow-Jarrett
Eric Lee
Andrea McKenzie
Blanka Ponec
Jennifer Williams
Geoff Woodfield

VWSS List of Board of Trustees