Message from VWSS Board of Trustees

Dear Parents,

For our February Board meeting, held on Wednesday, February 7th, we had Vantage Point (a not-for-profit leadership organization) lead us through a workshop session on governance. What the School needs from the Board has changed dramatically from what the School needed three years ago, and we felt that some professional training would help us define what our role should be given our current status, and how we can be more effective in our work. The session was three hours long and we worked through a number of different topics, from big picture items like the role of Board and types of governance structures to more practical items like running effective meetings. Our big conclusions from the workshop were that our focus for the coming year should be on longer-term strategic planning and goals, and that it is important that we are not only bringing the VWS’s mission, vision and values into our work, which we already do because we align with them naturally, but make sure we are doing so consciously. Reflecting on our functioning and practices was a valuable exercise, and will cause us to be more productive.

Eric Doherty, VWSS Board Chair