Message from VWSS Board of Trustees

Dear Parents,

The Board of Trustees meeting on Wednesday, October 11 started with a presentation from our external accountants, Manning Elliott LLP, on the 2016/2017 financial statements. Our Treasurer Geoff Woodfield will be giving a presentation on the financials at the upcoming annual general meeting, but in advance we are very happy to confirm that we finished the year in a surplus position. Full copies of the 2016/2017 financial statements will be circulated soon. Susan Connon-Wilby and Huy Pham discussed our current financial position, which is also positive – we finished the first quarter of this year tracking on budget and while it is still early we are projecting ending the year with another small operating surplus. Malcolm Nash gave an update on pedagogical matters, including advising us on the good staffing news in math and sciences at the High School. The balance of the meeting largely consisted of a presentation by our new Community & Resource Development Manager, Mary Henley, who walked the board through her 2018 work plan, and a discussion of some of her plans and priorities for this year and next. We are very excited to have Mary on board, and we encourage you to stop by her office and say hi to her if you haven’t already.

A reminder the AGM is on Wednesday, October 25 in the Grade School gymnasium. We encourage you to attend to socialize with your fellow members and cast your votes. Also, if you would like to stand for nomination to the Board, please remember that nomination forms must be submitted by end of day Friday, October 20. See you there!

Eric Doherty, VWSS Board Chair