Warmth and Weather

Dear VWS family,

The Grade 12 class is working with Warmth and Weather, a sister company of Mercurius Canada, to present a Shop and Support program with organic wool and wool/silk clothing. We are very happy to be able to offer you a wide range of clothing for the whole family. More information about the clothing can be found at: www.warmthandweather.ca.

To be dressed in wool, especially next to the skin, brings foundational warmth that supports health at all levels – body, soul and spirit. Warmth is a primal substance out of which life is created. For the children it is vital to maintain a balance of warmth for their developing bodies. When they are warm, they feel well and can take up life and learning in an active way.

Wool is not just for winter! Wool is warmth and moisture-regulating, keeping us warm in the cooler months and cooler in the warmer months. It absorbs up to 1/3 of its own weight in moisture and depending on the external conditions, is able to return it to the environment. Synthetic clothes may look the same, but do not allow the skin to breathe and accumulate uncomfortable heat and moisture.

The clothing is made by German and Swiss companies committed to superior ecological quality, with a long tradition of manufacturing wool clothing. The finest organic Merino virgin wool and natural silk is used without any kind of chemical finishing in the textile processing. This results in clothing that is kind to the skin and environment.

Please see inside the brochure for a variety of clothing options, as well as lists of style, size and colours. Order forms are included.

Please send in your order to karin burns at the High School with a cheque payable to the Vancouver Waldorf School, memo Grade 12 class. Delivery of the clothes will follow in a few weeks after the order. Exchanges are available upon request.

Thank you in advance for your support!

karin burns, Gr. 12 Guardian
kburns@vws.ca or (604) 986-2922

HS Warmth and Weather