Winter Fair Parent Volunteer Guide


Our parent-led annual Children’s Winter Fair will be held on Saturday, November 23 from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. The Fair celebrates our children and community at large, is our largest outreach event, and raises money to support initiatives that further serve our children. VWS invites our current families, alumnae families, and hundreds of guests from the lower mainland into our school to showcase our children’s beautiful work and invite children to imaginatively explore the many magical wintery spaces the parents create together.

Many hands make for light work! Below are many of the volunteer opportunities available for our Children’s Winter Fair. Please find your class activity and take a shift there, then see where else you might help fill in the gaps in other Fair activities and preparation. Stay tuned for more information from your Class Reps about your activity.

Class Assignments

Assignment Activity & Location
Kindergartens Baking Cookies for Cookie House at Home
Grade 1 Yule Logs in the Grade 1 Classroom
Grade 2 Silk Scarf Painting in the Grade 8 Classroom
Grade 3 Cookie House in the Red Rose Kindergarten
Grade 4 Indoor & Outside Decorations at Grade School during November Break
Pocket Lady/King Winter, Roving
Ticket Sales at the Front of School
Grade 5 Strings Cafe in the Grade 7 Classroom
Grade 6 Bairn’s Bazaar Grade 5 Classroom
Grade 7 Elves Workshop in the Woodworking Room
Grade 8 Candle Dipping in the Grade 4 Classroom
High School Shepherd’s Lunch in the Community Kitchen and Music Room
Out Door BBQ in the Big Play Yard

Additional Areas to Help

Activity Detail
Cookie Baking & Food Prep

  • Please consider making delicious items or baking for our Strings Cafe and baking some of the dozens of pre-strung cookies required for our Cookie House.
Decorations Set Up/Take Down

  • Volunteers are needed to assist with a variety of General set-up tasks on Friday afternoon, including help to coordinate our HS student volunteers; and on Saturday afternoon, following the Fair, to make sure the grounds are clean and ready for students to return to class on Monday.
Night Market Festivities

  • Coordinate & Oversee Night Market Refreshments and entertainment.
Woodland Pond

  • Transform Plum Cottage Kindergarten into a sweet and reverent space for small children to make a wish and float their walnut shell across the pond to the sound of the lyre.
Red Door Store

  • Cashiers & Assistants are needed to help in the Red Door Store on Friday evening during the Night Market and on Saturday during the Fair.

To see all activities click here

Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions or comments. We are here to help!

Thank you,
Laura Bergstrome & Mary Henley &

The regularity with which the Sun moves through the seasons, the regularity manifested in the growth of plants and in the life of animals, this regularity was once chaos. Harmony has been attained at the cost of great travail. Humanity stands today within the same kind of chaos, but out of the chaos, there will arise a harmony modelled in the likeness of the harmony in the universe. Peace to those who are of goodwill.
~ Rudolf Steiner, from Festivals and Their Meanings, Christmas 1923