Winter Health & Safety Update

Dear VWS Community,

Thank you for your continued partnership as we enter the winter term. Linked below, you will find our revised VWS Health & Safety Handbook – COVID-19.

We ask that you please note the following important information:

  • Effective Monday, January 18th, students in Grades 5 through 8 are required to wear a non-medical mask when in all common areas indoors (i.e., hallways and bathrooms).
  • If your child, in Grades 5 through 8, cannot wear a non-medical mask for medical reasons, please provide a medical note indicating the same to with your class teacher copied.
  • We have made the conscious decision to allow time for students to become accustomed to this change and will gently remind students who forget to bring or wear their non-medical masks in situations where they are required.
  • Adults dropping off or picking up children must not linger on school grounds.
  • In consideration of those in our community who are immunocompromised, adults dropping off and picking up children are encouraged to wear a non-medical mask while on school grounds.
  • Adults dropping off or picking up children are required to maintain a distance of 2 metres from others while on school grounds.
  • In cases where adults cannot maintain a distance of 2 metres from others, they must don a non-medical mask for the duration of their time on school grounds.
  • Adults visiting campus for a scheduled appointment are required to wear a non-medical mask while inside school buildings and while outdoors if they cannot maintain distance from others.
  • All Grade School parking spaces are reserved for staff, visitors (by pre-arranged appointment), ECC parents with infants, and those with mobility limitations. ECC parents may also park for 15 minutes at street level south of the fire hydrant.

We recognize how difficult it can be to observe the above, particularly leaving campus immediately after dropping off or picking up your child.

Please bear in mind that it benefits us all, including faculty and staff, to abide by what is required of the VWS as an institution to best serve the school’s ability to continue delivering a Waldorf education to our students. In support of our entire community’s socioemotional well-being, please continue to role model goodwill and compassion as we move together through the colder and often grey months of winter.

We are here in service to you and your family. Please be in touch with the Management Team directly with questions or concerns at

Thank you again for your cooperation and kindness.

The Management Team |

VWS Health & Safety Handbook – COVID 19 January 15 2021